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Got Cut? Good.


A professional baseball player who was cut from his high school team? We see that all the time. Here is a story on one of players who made the transformation from left out to a pro closer.

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Sullivan! Get Off The Field!


History is replete with examples of uncommon men who have found the courage to scorn their critics and their own demons of self-doubt to produce uncommon achievements. Orval and Wilbur Wright, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and too many more to name have all faced their critics and doubters. I’m certain that at some point each of these iconic heroes was met with the same kind of pivotal moment when self-doubt threatened to dash their dreams and disrupt the trajectory of their lives, when they said ....“I can do it.”.

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The Gang Leader: Self-Organization of Four Menacing Velo Robbers


In our analysis of the pitching motion, the “gang leader” is known as “The Back-Leg Attractor,” or the first move. If the first move goes awry, the body is forced to choose from one or all of four different compensatory moves to get back on track.

The Gang Leader: Self-Organization of Four Menacing Velo Robbers2021-04-16T18:39:57-04:00

How To Throw 95 Without Getting Hurt


You need to throw harder. If you want a chance you’ve got to be up around 95 mph. We can help download this TOTALLY FREE E-book and let us guide you safely down the path to 95. We’ve done it many times before. We can do it with you.

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Welcome To TWITs Anonymous


My name is Randy Sullivan, and I am a recovering TWIT coach. For years my coaching style involved a traditional style that has come to be popularly known as TWIT Coaching. Here’s the basic formula for TWIT coaching: T: We Tell the player how to perform a skill (maybe even demonstrate it.) W: We Watch him do it. I: We stop Immediately Inform of all the things he did wrong. T: Then we Tell him how to do it better (sometimes demonstrating again while pointing out the most intricate details of the movement). If the player doesn’t get it quickly enough, we make him do punishment runs or pushups.

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What Makes The Florida Baseball ARMory The Right Fit For You?


A few years back, at a TBR Coaches Boot Camp, I had the pleasure of meeting Frans Bosch, a motor learning and biomechanics expert from The Kingdom of The Netherlands. At the time, the Dutch were 10-20 years ahead of the rest of the world in this area and Frans was considered the best of the best.

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Late Life: How Chien-Ming Wang Made It Back To The Big Leagues (Part 2 Of 2)


It wasn’t long before Chien became the talk of the town in Surprise, AZ with eye-popping velocities reaching 96.7 mph With characteristic humility and class, Chien acknowledged his work at The ARMory in the off-season as the key to his new success. The day he mentioned it to reporters, the entire country of Taiwan visited and crashed our website. We doubled the bandwidth and after his next outing, it crashed again.

Late Life: How Chien-Ming Wang Made It Back To The Big Leagues (Part 2 Of 2)2023-03-02T21:57:30-05:00

Late Life: How Chien-Ming Wang Made it Back To The MLB


Late Life. It’s the perfect title for a documentary by filmmaker, Frank Chen on rise, fall and resurgence of ex-Yankee Ace, Chien Ming Wang. It premier’s in LA on May 9th. I am honored to be a part of it.

Late Life: How Chien-Ming Wang Made it Back To The MLB2023-03-09T15:56:25-05:00

Orthopedic Surgeons Endorse ARMory’s Approach


I said it - "there is no such thing as overuse! Injuries come from incorrect use over a long period of time". I got nuked on social media. But then Orthopedic Surgeons across the country came to our defense by agreeing and endorsing our process at the The Florida Baseball ARMory.

Orthopedic Surgeons Endorse ARMory’s Approach2021-04-16T18:56:28-04:00


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