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The Yips: A Love Story


I cried last week — about five times.   Anyone [...]

The Yips: A Love Story2021-04-09T14:49:56-04:00

Client Testimonials


Here’s what our clients have to say about the Florida Baseball ARMory...

Client Testimonials2021-04-16T19:19:07-04:00

Why We Don’t Run Long Distances


Unless your team is really bad at managing rundowns, the longest pay in baseball is an inside the park homerun, takes about 14-16 seconds to complete, and the only guy who has to run that far is the guy who hit the ball. Everyone else is about 4 seconds or less and a pitch takes about 1.5 seconds.

Why We Don’t Run Long Distances2023-04-03T15:37:54-04:00

Shut It Down Or Keep Throwing? Maybe There’s an Alternative


I get asked frequently to choose a side… And I never do…Because in my opinion, the answer is not that simple. It’s not so black and white. Keep throwing, or shut it down…What should a player do? The answers (not-unexpected, I’m sure) is… it depends on....

Shut It Down Or Keep Throwing? Maybe There’s an Alternative2021-09-23T15:21:48-04:00


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