Florida Baseball ARMory’s SAVAGE Pitching Coaches Certification Course


Revolutionize Your Ability to Develop Pitchers

What You’ll Learn:
Most training programs are built around the flawed assumption that the body responds best to verbal cues or drills assigned by the coach. We Will Train You To Coach Movement, Not Mechanics:

  • Change Players’ Lives – You’ll learn the process that has allowed The ARMory to develop over 360 90+ mph pitchers. ARMory guys have earned countless millions in scholarships and in the 2017, 18, 19, and 2020 MLB drafts, ARMory students have garnered over $18 million in signing bonuses. MLB ARMory Guys have signed for over $65 million on the 2019/2020 free agent market.
  • Apply Tech To Player Development – We’ll teach you to blend leading edge technology and movement science to ignite your player develop process. Your players will improve quickly and you’ll be able to track and document that process, giving you a clear path to further development and a distinct and significant edge over your competition.
  • Boost Your Resume – Attending this course will make you an attractive hire at any level. The ARMory’s SAVAGE Training processes have been sought after and applied by hundreds of NCAA institutions, and 24 MLB teams have paid to gain the information you’ll be getting. Knowledge of our methods will accelerate your coaching career progression.

This course will show you how to get the body to do what it needs to do to amplify power, motor control and joint protection.
Sign up any time.  Work at your own pace.  

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The Florid Baseball ARMory’s SAVAGE Pitching Coaches Certification Course. Learn The Transformational SAVAGE Training Process


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