FBA SAVAGE Training Electronic Version


FBA SAVAGE Training: Transferring Gains From The Gym To The Field.

Why do we call it “SAVAGE” training? “SAVAGE is an admittedly clunky acronym for Specific Adaptation thru Variability, Attractors, and Goal-directed Exercise. And… the word “SAVAGE” sounds really cool! Baseball training programs need to be practical and gains you realize at the gym aren’t worth much if you can’t use them correctly on the field. Therein lies the purpose of this book.

In this book I’ll propose a new way to look at weight training, long toss, weighted balls and many other pitcher and hitter training models by fusing the concepts of self-organization and degrees of freedom (Nikolai Bernstein), differential learning and specificity (Frans Bosch), and traditional strength and conditioning within the Dynamic Systems Theory of motor learning.

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In SAVAGE I will offer a template for training that allows for all disciplines (the skill coach, the trainer, the PT, the manager, the strength coach, and anyone else who impacts an athlete’s preparation) to operate seamlessly under the umbrella of 5 thresholds of specificity that I believe will result in more efficient development and better performance in games.


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