The Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit: Where MLB Comes To Learn

At the 2021 Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit, Frans Bosch, Martijn Nijhoff, Bart Hanegraaff, Paul Venner, Rob Gray, and Randy Sullivan will demystify the elusive phenomenon known as athleticism.

Every coach covets athleticism. They recognize it when they see it, but for many, developing athleticism in their players is like trying to teach a goldfish to play the clarinet. In frustration, many coaches and trainers fall into the trap of thinking athleticism is only for the gifted and can’t be developed. Coaches are constantly scrambling to scout, recruit, and select talented athletes. Sometimes they get it right, but more times than not, they miss badly. When you truly understand how to develop athleticism all over the field, you eliminate your misses.

We’ll sift through the complexity of the anatomy, and neurophysiology involved and lay out with crystal clarity, the building blocks at the center of athleticism. But we won’t stop there. We’ll show you simple and actionable ways to immerse your athletes in training experiences that build athleticism fast.

Athletes win championships.

It’s time to stop guessing and hoping the players you choose work out.

It’s time to empower yourself with the methodologies that will make your player development process a slam dunk, can’t miss endeavor.

The Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit Will Return in 2022

The Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit Returns!

The Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit will return in 2022! The Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit features some of the game’s most highly esteemed player development specialists, and presents the most cutting edge information in motor learning. The 2018, 2019 & 2021 Summits were attended by over 300 coaches including 120 representatives from 26 MLB teams.

This is why The Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit Is Where MLB Comes To Learn.

Two Day Event hHosted at The Hilton Garden Inn

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The Presenters

Frans Bosch

Motor learning, skill acquisiton, and biomechanics expert.
Professor of Biomechanics, The Fontys University, The Netherlands

Martijn Nijhoff

Technical Director, Dutch Olympic Softball and Baseball Talent High Perfromance Center
Perception-action expert, Pittsburgh Pirates
Faculty member The Fontys University, The Netherlands

Bart Hanegraaff

Motor learning and skill acquisition expert
Hitting Coach
Pittsburgh Pirates & Dutch Baseball and Softbal

Paul Venner, MSC

Masters Degree in Strength & Conditioning
Head of Athletic Performance, Dutch Baseball
Founder Ultimateinstability

Rob Gray

Motor learning and skill acquisiton expert.
Perception Action Podcast,
Faculty, Arizona State University

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

Founder and CEO
The Florida Baseball ARMory®
Lakeland, FL