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Smooth Is Fast? Not So Fast

Smooth is fast. Smooth is powerful. But smooth is not floppy. Smooth is actually the result of well-timed and synchronized co-contractions that remove muscle slack, eliminate shear forces (jerk), and amplify power, coordination and control, and protection (PCP).

Beware Of The Cult Of Average

At the ARMory we study OUTLIERS so my players can become THAT GUY! While science seeks to find common denominators among the normal, it propagates “The Cult of Average.” Average is a code word for mediocre, and that is not our goal at The Florida Baseball ARMory.

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It Will Be Hard

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Commit yourself to the relentless pursuit of excellence. Find your “Why.” We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll design an individualized plan that will cover every aspect of your training: your warmup, your throwing program, your mobility/movement plan, your strengthening and coordination, your recovery, and your nutrition. We’ll cover it all, and we’ll be right there to guide you every step of the way.

Why It Doesn’t Take 10,000 Hours

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When an athlete achieves the mobility necessary to maximize his length-tension advantages and then finds the synchronous co-contractions to fully optimize the contractile and elastic properties of his muscles, he accomplishes his goal and his body naturally wants to do that again. His natural instincts take over and he is compelled to move in the same manner again and again. When it clicks, it stays.

How NOT Long Tossing or Throwing Weighted Balls In Baseball Training Programs Could Hurt You

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And here we go again. The long toss and weighted ball police are back at it. The study from 2011 "Max Distance Throwing Changes Mechanics and Puts More Stress On The Arm.” The longstanding argument against long toss is as follows: 1) It increases joint stress in the elbow and the shoulder, and 2) throwing mechanics change with increased distance of throws. Both are true…And that is exactly why I like long toss… as a training tool.

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