The Ultimate One-On-One, 1 day Evaluation and Pitching Training Experience

  • Increase Velocity
  • Maximize Command
  • Eliminate Pain
  • Increase Exit Velocity

You baseball career is too short to work on the wrong things in ways that don’t help. If you don’t have the velo, command, arm health, or exit velocity they’re looking for, you’ll probably be ignored by coaches, recruiters, and scouts. Get here and become the best version of yourself!

What You Get At The ARMory’s One-On-One Training Program

    • A full physical assessment by Randy Sullivan, a physical therapist specializing in the management and development of throwing athletes. You’ll learn what you need to do to increase velocity if you’re a pitcher and increase hitting power if you’re a hitter.

    • High-speed video biomechanical analysis and classroom education on the essence of safe, efficient and powerful throwing and/or hitting mechanics.

    • Track Man® with Edgetronic® 1,000fps video and NewtForce® sensored mound to reveal ground reaction forces as linked to 200fps video of your mechanics.

    • Uplift® markerless motion capture report and analysis.

    • One-on-one hands on training for all assigned corrective throwing drills.

    • Hands-on training for physical corrective mobility/stability exercises.

    • A written individualized, multi-dimensional training plan for you to continue what we started in your pitching training and hitting training with us – This will help you increase hitting power, increase velocity, master hitting and pitching mechanics, and so much more!

    • Video links to: all throwing drills and/or hitting drills, corrective exercises, power building workouts, warmup routines and recovery e-book to ensure complete follow up and continuity.

    • Arm care routine from a physical therapist specializing in eliminating arm pain in throwing athletes, and a backpack containing a Training Sock, 7 oz ball, towel, and thermos.


4 Hours of Intense Pitcher/Throwing Training

Great for Position Players Too

You Can Also Add Hitter Training

This Will Be The Most Important Day Of Your Life

  • At The Florida Baseball ARMory, we understand that the you want to make transformational gains in velocity, command and/or arm health.

  • To do that, you’ll need a hyper-individualized plan that will optimize your strengths and overcome your weakness. A one-size-fits-all training program you order on-line won’t get it done.
  • We believe every players deserves the kind of training that gets real results fast.

  • That’s why we created the The Precision Strike One-On-One Training. In this 3-6 hour, life changing event, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment and use it to design the training plan that will build the tools you need to get noticed.

  • You’ll leave with a written throwing plan, a mobility program, a customized strength and power building workout, and a nutrition guide. And will give you video links to every drill and exercise so you can be your best self.

What would your life be like if you went back to your team completely healthy, throwing 4-6 mph harder and 20% more strikes?

You’re probably wondering how we’re going to help you, specifically. 

Well, the key word there is “specific.” 

Every training program seeks to elicit an adaptation. Unfortunately, in many cases, the adaption isn’t “specific” to what you need to achieve. That’s why we went deep (and I mean deep) into the science of motor learning and skill acquisition (how people learn movement skills) to create SAVAGE Training.  SAVAGE is an acronym for Specific Adaptation thru Variability And Goal-directed Experiences, and it’s a revolution in player development.  We’ll conduct a thorough, evaluation and give you a step-by-step plan.  We’ll use our data-driven, technologically advanced process to guide you through daily training to improve your mobility, mechanics, strength, power, arm care, nutrition, and recovery.  We’ll be the one-stop-shop for everything you need. Coaches will love you. Recruiters and scouts will want to sign you.  You’ll win more games.  You might even get more dates.  And, you’ll enter every game feeling like you’re the best player on the field.

Lock In Your Transformation