Jaeger/Sullivan Return to Throwing From Tommy John Surgery Manual & Schedule

An optimized Manual & Schedule for returning to the throwing process in the safest and most effective way.

The goal of our Throwing Manual & Schedule is to give you a great deal of clarity up front so that you can optimize the entire return to throwing process in the safest and most effective way. For this reason, in addition to the actual Throwing Schedule, we have also included a number of other resources, including a Note Section, a Glossary of TermsVideosAncillary Programs, and a Questionnaire (regarding your pre-surgery throwing routine). We want you to be as educated and clear as to the meaning and purpose behind everything we do, and ultimately, you do. We’ve also gone into great detail to ensure that this entire process is user-friendly and adaptable to your individual needs. Please be sure to go over each of these sections a few times so that you are abundantly clear as to their meaning and purpose before starting the Throwing Schedule.