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FBA SAVAGE Revolution: Overthrow The Status Quo In Baseball Pitcher Development.

For years baseball training had been stuck on long-held traditions, as many have been resistant to change. Fortunately, over the past decade, pro organizations, realizing the inconsistency of building rosters around the practice of purchasing aging talent, have begun looking beyond conventional, long-established methodologies to improve player development. One recently hired farm director reported that upper management tasked him “to find 16 MLB wins a year through player development.” That is indeed refreshing. However, changes of this nature have been slow to come. Interdisciplinary siloing and friction from “old school” codgers who cling to the status quo because “it worked for …” have presented significant roadblocks to progress.

If we continue to accept the status quo, we should admit that we’re not really in the business of player development. Instead, we’re engaged in an enterprise that is nothing more than scouting, selecting, and eliminating. Count me out on that. I genuinely believe anyone, given the proper training, can change his body into anything he wants it to become. God doesn’t make junk, and human tissue doesn’t have free will. If we properly stretch it, a muscle must get longer. If we properly strengthen it, a muscle must get stronger. If we properly teach it, the body must learn. It has no choice, no say in the matter. This fundamental truth is at the core of SAVAGE Revolution.

In this book I’ll propose a new way to look at weight training, long toss, weighted balls and many other pitcher and hitter training models by fusing the concepts an emerging movement science discipline known as ecological dynamics. Ecological dynamics is the foundation of SAVAGE Revolution and the future of baseball player development.

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In SAVAGE Revolution, I will offer a template for training that allows for all disciplines (the skill coach, the trainer, the PT, the manager, the strength coach, and anyone else who impacts an athlete’s preparation) to operate seamlessly under the umbrella of 5 thresholds of specificity that I believe will result in more efficient development and better performance in games.


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