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My name is Randy Sullivan. I am a physical therapist and a baseball coach. They call me “The Arm Pain Assassin.” I am one of the best arm pain specialists on the planet and if you ask me why your arm hurts I will tell you …

I don’t know.

Ok… so maybe that sounds a little arrogant, but you get the point. I know a LOT about throwing, a LOT about arm pain and a LOT about how to get rid of it.

But, it’s complicated. You see, there are no “causes” of arm pain — only a multitude of contributors that combine in the perfect storm to create an environment for pain or injury to occur. The first step to managing arm pain is to stop looking for “diagnosis and cause” and start looking for dysfunction and contributors.

I don’t need to know exactly why your arm hurts.

Because your infinitely intelligent body already knows. And if we’re willing to observe and to listen, it will tell us how to bring you back. This book dives into diagnosing the cause of pain by studying the pain.

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No Pitching Workout Program Is Worth It If You Can’t Prevent Arm Pain & Increase Velocity
The books are a great complement to our in-person pitching workout programs. They also serve as fantastic educational material on their own, for those who haven’t been to our pitching workout programs at the Ranch. The name of the game is increasing velocity without pain!


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