Engineering The Superhuman Pitching Machine – Vol 1 (ELECTRONIC EDITION)


Volume 1 of the Superhuman series focuses on The Fab 4 Pillars of Explosive Pitcher Development.  The 4 types of movement include: frontal plane, transverse plane, diagonal plane, and one-leg drills.  Building power in those planes of motion, transfer specifically to pitcher performance. Superhuman 1 presents over 40 highly intense and specific training exercises. By implementing these workouts, you’ll build the engine necessary to power your development.

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No Pitching Workout Program Is Worth It If You Can’t Prevent Arm Pain & Increase Velocity
The books are a great complement to our in-person pitching workout programs. They also serve as fantastic educational material on their own, for those who haven’t been to our pitching workout programs at the Ranch. The name of the game is increasing velocity without pain!


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