Superhuman 1, 2 & 3 Combo (Electronic Edition)


The Superhuman trilogy provides what experts call “The best pitcher training process ever designed.”  -Paul Reddick, CEO of 90mph Club. When you combine all three volumes you achieve the ultimate trifecta in pitcher develop – comprehensive assessment, targeted training, and explosive power development. Below are the highlights of each volume.


Volume 1 of the Superhuman series focuses on The Fab 4 Pillars of Explosive Pitcher Development.  The 4 types of movement include: frontal plane, transverse plane, diagonal plane, and one-leg drills.  Building power in those planes of motion, transfer specifically to pitcher performance. Superhuman 1 presents over 40 highly intense and specific training exercises. By implementing these workouts, you’ll build the engine necessary to power your development.


Volume 2 focuses on player assessment. One of the hallmarks of The Ranch training processes is hyper individualization across every facet of training. A thorough comprehensive evaluation is critical to the development of customized plans. This book provides a layman’s guide to physical and biomechanical assessment that will allow you to specifically target training interventions to maximize the return on your efforts.


In Volume 3 of the Superhuman series, Coach Sullivan reveals the training interventions to address every deficit or dysfunction found in the assessment. You will know exactly which drills and exercises apply to each of the deficits identified in the Volume 2 evaluation. This type of laser targeted training is vital to developing velocity, command and bullet proof arm health for every player.

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