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As Lance and his mom walked away, I came up with one more penetrating thought: I suck! Ever since that day with Lance and his mom, I have made a pact with myself. I will meet every player exactly where he is physically, mentally, and emotionally and do everything in my power to help him improve himself as ballplayer and a person.

How Kyle Gibson Earned The Best Season Of His Career and a $30 Million Contract

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It has been nothing short of an honor and a privilege to work with Kyle over the past couple of years. He’ll be hard at work this winter, and if I know Kyle, the Rangers can count on him being even better than ever. His willingness to take the extraordinary step of rejecting the status quo and seeking solutions outside of mainstream baseball is a testament to his commitment to the relentless pursuit of excellence. We are proud to call Kyle Gibson a ARMory Guy!

Why It Doesn’t Take 10,000 Hours

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When an athlete achieves the mobility necessary to maximize his length-tension advantages and then finds the synchronous co-contractions to fully optimize the contractile and elastic properties of his muscles, he accomplishes his goal and his body naturally wants to do that again. His natural instincts take over and he is compelled to move in the same manner again and again. When it clicks, it stays.

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