Like many of our new clients, you’re probably highly intrigued by our revolutionary SAVAGE Training process, but you might be wondering what exactly happens in the Extended Stay Summer Training Program.

After you get registered, the first step is to call us and pick a starting date. SAVAGE Summer runs for ten weeks with a rolling start each Monday. You can choose to attend from 2 to 10 weeks.


We divide the training into two shifts to ensure attention to each player’s needs. The morning group starts at 8:00 am and ends at noon. The afternoon session runs from noon to 4:00 pm. SAVAGE Hitting goes from 4:00 to 5:30 pm.



On your first day, you’ll receive a comprehensive training binder, and we’ll perform a total body physical assessment and a video analysis of your mechanics.

We’ll use that information to design your personalized SAVAGE Training experience.The program will include your warmup and movement prep, throwing program, arm care and recovery, movement enhancers, as well as strengthening and power development.


After the assessments are complete, you’ll learn all of your assigned throwing drills, arm care, and movement enhancers for your individualized training plan.


When you arrive for day two, you’ll find a Rocket Fuel Nutrition Guide tailored to help you manage the calories you’ll need to maximize recovery and fuel your performance.

After your first day, we’ll start each session with an inspirational mindset segment. Fridays will feature our world-renowned ARMory Karaoke Contest. Winners score cool ARMory swag, so be ready to crush it.


After the initial gathering, you’ll break out into one of three stations.


Station 1: You’ll execute a dynamic warmup and your throwing program with guidance from the best instructors in the business. The drills will refine your movements and prepare you for excellence on the mound the following week.



After the first five days, we’ll schedule you for 1-2 bullpens a week in our world-class pitching lab, where you’ll begin to bump up your velocity, improve your command, and develop or refine your secondary stuff. After throwing, you’ll progress through your arm care and recovery process.


Station 2: You’ll execute the personal SAVAGE Strength Training Program. Many traditional programs center around predictable, non-transferrable lifts. Coaches choose exercises arbitrarily to promote a mythical construct known as general strength. Our staff will design a plan to target any movement flaws, inefficiencies, or opportunities identified during your evaluation.



Your SAVAGE Strengthening experience will integrate strength and coordination and develop powerful movements that transfer directly to improved performance on the mound.


In station 3 you’ll start with the mobility, movement enhancement, and motor control experiences explicitly chosen for you. These exercises teach the universal principles of athleticism common to every high-intensity movement in sport. Next, you’ll complete a series of aggressive, time-compressed power-building activities focused on the planes of motion specific to pitching, throwing, and hitting. We’ll use time pressure and unpredictable loads to elicit the explosive, coordinated, and synchronized muscle contractions that define athleticism.



To bring it all home, you’ll join the entire group for a 45-minute segment we call Broga. We hand-picked two of the best yoga and fitness instructors in the country. This dynamic duo blended our SAVAGE-specific movement principles into the foundations of traditional yoga to create a mobility and coordination program, unlike anything you’ve seen. Twice a week, they’ll carve out 20 minutes to direct you through an intense cardiovascular conditioning workout that will enhance your aerobic fitness and optimize your body’s recovery systems.



If you add hitting to your SAVAGE Summer experience, we’ll roll out the cages at 4:00 pm. On the first day of SAVAGE Hitting, we’ll collect data, shoot a video, and conduct an analysis of your swing. We’ll use the information to assign a series of drills and exercises that will guide you toward efficient, powerful, and adaptable movement at the plate. After our pitchers are ramped up (about 2 weeks), we’ll stage weekly live at bats session.



We’ll constantly monitor and assist you as you execute your SAVAGE training plan. Each day, our staff will meet to discuss your progress, and we’ll adjust your training experience frequently along the way.


When your time at The ARMory comes to an end, our analytics department will prepare a summative report of all the information we’ve gathered along the way. We’ll give you an objective accounting of the progress you’ve made, describe emerging opportunities for improvement, and deliver the step-by-step instructions you’ll use to continue your SAVAGE Training experience at home. You’ll receive video links to every drill and exercise in your SAVAGE Training program. It will be like having us right there with you every day.


Over the past 5 summers, students who have trained for at least 4 weeks have gained an average of 4.2 mph and improved command by 16%.


If you’re ready to lock in your SAVAGE Summer Training Experience, call us now at 866-787-4533 or Click Here. Our CFO/COO, Amy Marsh, will walk you through the registration process and set you up for the most transformational training experience in baseball.


We can’t wait to see you at The ARMory.


Let’s Get SAVAGE.

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS CEO, Florida Baseball ARMory

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