Scaptivation (Electronic Version)


ScaptivationTM is a progressive training system for establishing mobility, stability, motor control and coordination of the scapular powerhouse to create bulletproof shoulders and elbows for the high velocity throwing athlete.  

 It’s over 100 pages of text and a nearly an hour of video revealing the process in complete detail. It contains a thorough explanation and demonstration of our assessment process, and vivid written, pictorial, and video based-explanations of over 35 targeted, customized exercises that will start you on the path toward bulletproof durability.

When you learn and implement the ScaptivationTM process, your arm will quickly begin to feel healthier and more powerful. You’ll recover at warp speed and your confidence will soar.

Coaches will learn a foolproof system for identifying and providing early intervention for arm pain, and physical therapists will be able to apply the process to solve arm pain for their throwing patients.



Don’t make another lineup card, treat another patient or throw another baseball until you get your copy of ScaptivationTM: Bulletproofing The Next Generation of Elite Power Arms.


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