In an era where players are vigorously

competing for early college

commitments, late blooming players

are feeling the stress of being


Think about it.

If you’re a college coach tasked to

project 13 and 14 year-olds, who are

you going to go after?

You’re going to go after the big kid

who is already shaving and looks like

he came to the ballpark with his wife

and kids.

But, we all seen it time and again.

The 14 year-old man-child makes a

verbal commitment.

His development plateaus, and just

when he’s ready to sign his National

Letter of Intent, the university yanks

it out from under him.

Meanwhile, the undersized teenager

who enters puberty late gets


My advice to all the late bloomers:

Keep working and wait for Mr. T.

testosterone, that is.

Become a world-class mover, keep

your arm safe and healthy, build the

foundation of athleticism, and when

Mr. T. shows up, you’ll surge ahead.

They’ll take the scholarship from the

man-child and give it to you.


Camden Minacci was a scrawny 9th

grader throwing 68 mph when he


Now he’s a 99 mph flame thrower in

the Anaheim Angels organization.


John Abraham was a 160 lb 15 year

old topping at 78 mph.

Now he’s a 6’3″ 200 lb stud freshman

at Florida State who sits in the

low to mid 90s


Will and Alex Sotiropoulos were both

underdeveloped 13 and 12 year olds

whose max velos were in the low to

mid 60’s.

Will is now a college pitcher sitting

90-92, and Alex is a high school senior,

bound for Columbia University,

who has touched 94 mph.


Stories like this happen every day

at The ARMory.

If you’re a late bloomer, you can

do it too. We’ll show you how.

Put the calendar away.

Ignore the social pressure of the

recruiting process.

Get your body moving at an elite

level …

And get ready for Mr.T.

Check out our incredible

SAVAGE Summer Training Program.

Or, call us at 866-787-4533.

We’ll design a customized training

program and guide you every

step of the way.

When Mr. T shows up, you’ll be ready.

You’ll surge past the early developers.

You’ll throw harder.

You’ll throw more strikes.

And you’ll remain healthy and able to

answer the bell every time.

Call us.

Let’s get SAVAGE!!

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS CEO, Florida Baseball ARMory

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