How To Throw 95 Without Getting Hurt

Did you see the 2018 MLB Allstar Game?

If you did, then you noticed one common denominator on both sides of the ball — POWER! On the offensive side, there were twenty hits — 10 homers.  And on the mound, every pitcher was bringing straight fuel!

Here are the maximum velocities of every pitcher in the game.

Sale 100.7 mph
Vazquez 99.9
Diaz 99.4
Foltynewicz 99.0
Severino 98.9
Treinen 98.9
deGrom 98.8
Scherzer 98.5
Snell 98.2
Jeffress 98.1
Morton 97.9
Jimenez 97.5
Hader 97
Berrios 96.9
Nola 96.2
Hand 94.4
Happ 94.4
Stripling 93.8

Sheesh! 13 of 18 pitchers over 97 mph. The lowest max velo was 93.8 mph.  The message is clear.  If you want to ascend to the highest level of our game, the bar has been raised.  There was a time when 90 mph seemed like a solid goal.  90 would get you recruited. 90 would win games. 90 would get chicks and endorsement contracts.

My friends, those days are over.

95 is the new 90!

We knew this day would come, and here we are.  You can complain about it, deny it, deflect, alibi or excuse it. But that won’t change the facts.  If you want to make it to the MLB you need to throw it 95 mph or more.

So how do you do that?

When I first started this business in 2008, my son was a 78 – 81 mph lefty who couldn’t get a single recruiting look.  When we realized it was velocity he needed, we asked every so-called “baseball expert” we could find.  Nearly every single baseball guy told us it was impossible — that velocity is a God-given gift that can’t be taught  Within 2 years he was topping out at 93 and the phone started ringing off the hook.

Since then The Florida Baseball ARMory has helped over 250 pitchers achieve the vaunted 90 mph fastball.  63 have gotten it up over 95 mph and in the past 2 MLB drafts, ARMory Guys have collected $12.1 million in signing bonuses.

We know how to help guys gain velo!  We’re good at it. And we can help you too.

I just published a brand new E-book called:

How to Throw 95 MPH Without Getting Hurt: 11 Myths and Facts About Velocity Enhancement.

It’s totally free — my gift to you.

In this book, I dispel many of the most pervasive and corruptive myths about velocity enhancement and offer actionable ideas and The Florida Baseball ARMory’s systematic process for threading the needle perfectly between development and safety.

You need to throw harder. If you want a chance you’ve got to be up around 95 mph. We can help download this TOTALLY FREE E-book and let us guide you safely down the path to 95.  We’ve done it many times before. We can do it with you.

This book will show you how.


We’ll see you at The ARMory,

Get started by calling, our CFO/COO Amy, at 866-787-4533.

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS CEO, Florida Baseball ARMory

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